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Iced Sweet Young Coconuts (Es Kelapa Muda) Recipe

Iced Sweet Young Coconuts (Es Kelapa Muda) Recipe

Iced Sweet Young Coconuts (Es Kelapa Muda) Recipe

A beautiful aspect of authentic, native Indonesian cuisine is the use of fresh produce and ingredients. Coconuts are a major commodity in Indonesia; in fact, this nation is arguably the world’s largest producer of this popular fruit. Fresh young coconuts are quickly transformed into a refreshing, tropical dessert drink with a few added ingredients. Both rose and vanilla syrups can be found in Asian grocery stores and neither can be substituted. Serving this dessert right in its coconut shell is an incredible Indonesian delight, one that has become synonymous with the beautiful islands of this country.

Ingredients :

    • 4 young coconuts, husked and refrigerated
    • 8 tablespoons rose syrup (not to be confused with rose essence; rose syrup is thick and red)
    • 4 teaspoons vanilla syrup
    • Crushed ice for serving

Method :

    1. Turn the coconut on its side. Using a heavy butcher knife, begin making cuts around the top of the coconut, about 2 inches from the center, in a circular pattern. This will result in a circular cut about 4 inches across. Do not cut through all the way as the coconut water will then spill out. You want to make cuts just deep enough so that when you stand the coconut upright, you can easily pry off the top with your hands, without losing any of the coconut water.
    2. Once the top has been removed, set it aside and pour the coconut water into a large bowl.
    3. Scrape the inside of the coconut with a spoon, using long, smooth strokes. Let the coconut flesh fall to the bottom of the coconut. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for all the coconuts.
    4. Divide the syrups evenly between the coconuts.
    5. Pour the coconut water back into the coconuts, making sure to leave a little room for the crushed ice. If there is any coconut water left over, save it in a separate glass for extra servings. Gently stir the coconut water and the syrups in each coconut until thoroughly mixed.
    6. Carefully add to the crushed ice into each coconut. Place the tops back on and serve them on a plate with high edges or a large bowl to catch any spillage. Provide long spoons to scoop out the coconut flesh.