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Kuih Koleh koleh Kacang Recipe

Kuih Koleh koleh Kacang Recipe

Kuih Koleh koleh Kacang Recipe

Topping :

    • Coconut cream – 250 ml, from 1 grated coconut and suffi cient water

Kuih :

    • Green (mung) beans – 300 g, soaked for at least 2 hours or overnight
    • Coconut milk 750 ml, from – 11/2 grated coconuts and suffi cient water
    • Palm sugar (gula Melaka) – 450 g, cut into small pieces
    • Water – 125 ml
    • Screwpine (pandan) leaves – 2, shredded and knotted

Method :

    1. Prepare topping. Put coconut cream into a wok and stir over low heat with a wooden spatula for 30–35 minutes. Oil will separate from coconut residue. Continue stirring until coconut residue turns a rich brown colour. Remove from heat and drain. Set aside.
    2. Prepare kuih. Wash green beans and put in a pressure cooker with 1 litre water. Pressure cook for 20 minutes.
    3. Put cooked beans in a blender (processor) with coconut milk and blend until fi ne. Set aside. For fi ner blending, do this three times. If mixture is still thick and blender is not turning well, add a little extra coconut milk.
    4. Combine palm sugar with water in a heatproof (fl ameproof) bowl and stir constantly over heat to melt sugar. Strain into blended bean mixture. Mix well.
    5. Pour mixture into a wok, add screwpine leaves and stir continuously with a wooden spatula over low heat for 15 minutes or until it becomes a thick paste. Do not allow mixture to stick to bottom of wok. To test if paste is thick enough, make a fi gure 8 with the spatula. If it holds well, the paste is of the right consistency. Discard screwpine leaves.
    6. Spoon mixture into an 18 x 27-cm shallow tin and smooth the surface while hot with a piece of banana leaf or a butter knife. Top with prepared coconut residue crisps. Leave to cool thoroughly before cutting to serve.

Note : Green pea fl our (hoon kway powder), if available, can be used instead of green beans. Simply sift the same amount of fl our and stir in coconut milk without adding water.

Preparation time : 15 minutes
Cooking time : 1 hour 10 minutes
Serves 10–12