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Puttu Recipe

Puttu Recipe

Puttu Recipe

Ingredients :

    • Rice fl our 360 g, sifted + 1 dsp extra
    • Salt 1/2 tsp
    • Boiling water 250 ml
    • Grated coconut 60 g
    • Sugar 1 tsp

Method :

    1. Combine rice fl our and salt in a bowl. Add boiling water and mix with a wooden spoon, then rub gently with the fi ngertips to combine mixture into a stiff, crumbly dough.
    2. Place a piece of greaseproof paper on a work surface. Turn dough onto the paper and sprinkle grated coconut and extra rice fl our over dough. Cut mixture with a pastry or biscuit cutter into pea-size crumbs. Sprinkle with sugar and mix gently with the fi ngertips.
    3. Line a steamer tray with a piece of damp muslin cloth. Place mixture on top and bring edges of muslin cloth over to cover.
    4. Steam over rapidly boiling water for 10 minutes. Serve puttu with grated coconut and palm sugar (gula Melaka), or fi sh, chicken or mutton curry.

Note : Puttu should ideally be steamed in a bamboo cylinder. This is time consuming but worth trying as it gives a special fragrance to the dish. The bamboo cylinder is fi lled with alternating layers of puttu mixture and grated coconut, then pressed down gently and steamed. The method given in this recipe is an improvised, time-saving one. To ensure that the puttu turns out soft, the water has to be at boiling point and added immediately to the fl our. This partly helps to cook the dough.

Preparation time : 15 minutes
Cooking time : 20 minutes
Serves 4–5