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Planter’s punch Recipe

Planter’s punch Recipe

Planter’s punch Recipe

The agostura aromas of anise and cinnamon contrast with lime, a heady sugar-hit of rum and the rose-like grenadine give you an exotic, zesty and refreshing drink to enjoy at sundown with good company. This was served with lime slices in English social clubs throughout the colonial empire. Planters punch provides a more sophisticated tropical alternative to beer.

Ingredients :

    • 11/oz (45 ml) dark rum
    • 11/2 oz (45 ml) fresh lime juice
    • Few drops angostura bitters
    • 1 oz (30 ml) grenadine syrup
    • 3 cups (750 ml) chilled soda water
    • 4 swizzle sticks
    • Grated lime rind, to garnish
    • Crushed ice or ice cubes, to serve
    • 4 chilled glasses

Method :

Pour the ingredients into a 1.5–2 litres pitcher, one on top of another, in the sequence as listed in the ingredient list. After the addition of chilled soda water at the end, stir the layers of ingredients with a swizzle stick. Pour into 4 chilled glasses and serve immediately garnished with grated lime and crushed ice.