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Keeping Herbs Fresh

Keeping Herbs Fresh By now, you realize how strongly I advocate using all fresh ingredients and there’s no aspect


Deep-frying Whatever you’re deep-frying, make sure to start with enough vegetable oil to cover the ingredients. I like using

Stir-frying Rice or Noodles

Stir-frying Rice or Noodles Working with large quantities of rice or noodles is no easy task. Without proper technique,

Stir frying

Stir-frying The most effective technique for ensuring great stir-fry dishes is to work with a large wok and wooden

Working with Turmeric

Turmeric is one of Indonesian cuisine’s major ingredients, both in its fresh root and powdered forms. It can be

Working with Coconut Milk

Working with Coconut Milk Coconut milk has a much lower burning temperature than many other liquids. When cooking with

Using Fresh Ingredients

I think it’s important to use fresh ingredients whenever possible. In modern times, it can be tempting to purchase

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