Mango Kadhi Indian Yogurt Soup Flavored with Ripe Mangoes

Mango kadhi or Fajito is a Gujarati dish made with yogurt and chickpea flour. Pulp of ripe mango is added to it to give a very unique taste. You may be skeptical on how the sweet taste of Mango go with savory nature of the kadhi, but be assured, the outcome is a delight to eat. We enjoyed this mango kadhi with steamed rice and phulke. Here is the easy and simple recipe to make Mango kadhi or Fajito.

All you need is

Sour curd – 1 cup
Chickpea flour Besan – 2 tbsp
Ginger – 12 inch piece
Green chili – 2
Oil – 2 tbsp
Fenugreek Methi seeds – 12 tsp
Mustard Sarson seeds – 12 tsp
Cumin Zeera seeds – 12 tsp
Asafoetida Heeng – 14 tsp
Dry red chilies – 2-3
Curry leaves – 10-12
Turmeric powder – 12 tsp
Salt to taste
Mango puree – 1 cup

For tempering

Ghee – 1 tbsp
Fenugreek methi seeds – 14 tsp
Mustard Sarson seeds – 14 tsp
Cumin zeera seeds – 14 tsp
Dry red chilies – 3-4
Red chili powder – 14 tsp

Method of preparation

Blend chickpea flour, curd, ginger and green chilies in a blender to make a lump free paste.
Heat oil in a pan.
When the oil is hot, add fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and asafoetida.
Add dry red chilies and curry leaves.
Now add the curd paste.
Add 3 cups of water, turmeric powder, salt and mango puree.
Bring the kadhi to a boil.
Simmer the heat and let the Kadhi cook for almost 40-45 minutes on low heat.

For tempering

Heat ghee in a small pan.
When the ghee is hot, add fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and dry red chilies.
Fry for 10 seconds.
Remove the pan from heat.
Add dry red chili powder.
Pour the tempering over the cooked kadhi.
Serve the kadhi with rice or Phulke

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California {Lemon} Sheet Cake

That’s right. Texas Sheet Cake…. California style. 

So basically nothing like Texas Sheet Cake really. At least not where the fudge-chocolate is concerned. But the rest is definitely true to all of the things you really love about a good sheet cake. 

Ever since I was little one of my very favorite desserts was Texas Sheet Cake. My mother would make it every so often and almost every single year for my birthday. 

Even though it’s not your typical birthday-style cake (meaning one of the rectangular or round three-inch tall cakes with too-thick frosting and your name in cursive piped across the top).  

Totally yummy in it’s own nostalgic birthday tradition way. 

But for my birthday,  it couldn’t hold a candle to a well-frosted Texas Sheet Cake. 

(Please note my perfectly placed and quite brilliant pun.)
Sometime I’ll be sharing my mother’s Texas Sheet Cake with you. I know there are a lot of recipes for Texas Sheet Cake out there but my mother’s is absolutely amazing and always perfectly moist and rich. 

I’m sort of known for taking a bite right after the cake is iced and the frosting is setting. Or more like several bites. So by the time dinner is ever started there is a mis-shapen hole in the corner of the cake. 

It’s practically tradition at this point. Everyone has just accepted that a piece will be missing before it’s served. And they all know who stole it. 

The best part of the sheet cake is the rich icing and the moistness of the cake itself. I love it so much I decided to make a new version.


And if there is one thing that lemons always remind me of, it’s California. 

I am originally from Huntington Beach, California. And my love for the Golden State runs deep. 

Ever since my family moved to Utah, I’ve taken at least one, sometimes three or four trips back to Cali. Many times by myself, just staying with family. My brother in Santa Monica, sister back in Orange County, cousin in Ontario, and many times my mother’s parents in San Diego. 

I could go on and on about the reasons I adore California and all of the memories I have from all of my trips there.  One of my favorite memories though of California is sipping the sweetest, more flavorful, fresh lemonade I’ve ever tasted. 

Made from lemons straight off of the tree in my grandparents’ backyard. A real lemon tree. With huge juicy lemons. 

So incredibly refreshing and unbelievably delicious.

So when I whipped up this lemon sheet cake, I could think of nothing but sweet memories of croquet, walks down the Oceanside pier, and giant California lemons. 

This cake is moist, just like it’s Texas friend. Maybe it’s the fact that they are such humid states. Or maybe the sour cream/greek yogurt. That could be it too. Either way, I love them both and can’t get enough. 

The icing on this lemon version is light and perfectly sweet and citrus-y. (Yes, citrus-y.) But it’s definitley not “Woah, hello lemon.”  It’s more of an “Oh hey…this is lemon!”. You know what I mean? 

If you really love lemon though, I’d add a few tablespoons of fresh lemon juice straight to the cake batter. It will kick that lemon flavor up several notches. 

Oh and I discovered that it’s super super yummy with a fruity ice cream. We tried it with homemade pineapple-orange sorbet and with homemade mixed berry ice cream. Ohhhhh it was good. Really really good. 

So if you’re looking for a perfect summer dessert to serve a crowd (or just yourself, I don’t judge), you definitely need this California {Lemon} Sheet Cake. With a fruity, creamy, frozen scoop of something. 

It screams summertime. 

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Shahi Chole Masala Chickpeas in a rich and creamy gravy

Everyone in my house loves chole and since they are also a great source of protein, I end up making them at least once a week. The recipes I usually use to make Chole are either Pindi Chana Masala or Chole in an onion tomato gravy. This time I gave a little twist to my regular recipe and made Shahi Chole instead. The gravy was enriched with Khoya and milk and a little lemon juice and honey at the end gave it a wonderful taste and flavor. The recipe was very well appreciated and now I have another winner in my collection. Do try this Shahi Chole masala to give a change to your regular Chole gravy. Here is the recipe.

All you need is

Chole Chickpeas – 2 cup
Oil – 4 tbsp
Onion – 1 and 12 cups ( chopped )
Ginger paste – 1 tsp
Garlic paste – 1 tsp
Tomato – 1 cup ( chopped )
Coriander powder – 3 tsp
Kashmiri red chili powder – 2 tsp
Turmeric powder – 12 tsp
Garam masala – 1 tsp
Roasted cumin powder – 12 tsp
Salt to taste
Khoya – 100 gm
Milk – 12 cup
Lemon juice – 2 tsp
Honey – 1 tbsp
Saffron – a pinch ( soaked in a tbsp of milk )

Method of preparation

Wash and soak chole in enough water for 6-8 hours.
Drain the water and add chole in a pressure cooker.
Add 4 cups of water and 2 tsp salt and pressure cook till done.
Heat oil in a pan.
When the oil is hot, add onion.
Fry till onion are slightly brown.
Add ginger and garlic paste.
Cook till onions are browned.
Add tomato and cook for another minute.
Add coriander powder, kashmiri red chili powder, turmeric powder, garam masala powder and roasted cumin powder.
Fry for 2 minutes.
Add little water if required.
Add the boiled chole with the water and cook for 10-12 minutes.
Add khoya, milk and honey and mix well
Cook for another 2-3 minutes.
Add lemon juice and saffron soaked in milk..
Adjust salt as required.
Garnish with fresh coriander.
Serve hot with rice or Naan.

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Creamy Chipotle Pasta Salad

Is it weird if a guy and his wife have the same car?
The exact. same. car. 

Same make. Same model. Same color. 

You’re right it is weird. Annnnnd that’s exactly what my husband and I now have. The exact same car. As of today.
After a year of trying to sell my husband’s car so we could get something a little more “economical”, we finally found a buyer. Only problem? We needed a second car before Monday for the Hubby to take on his business trip. 

We looked around (for a minute) and found my car’s twin real close to home and for a steal of a deal. Well, it’s more like my car’s older but less-driven sister. Basically the same make and model, a couple years older, but only half the miles as mine has. 

We bought it. 

So yes, we officially have twinner cars. 

At least for a little while. We’re talking about possibly selling mine now and I’ll drive the new one. I’ve loved my car and would love to keep it but if I can have the same thing with less miles, I’m all about trading in. 

I sort of feel like I’m cheating on my car. 

It’s nothing personal! It’s just that I understand cars and the benefit that would come from swapping my high-mileage baby for a version with more time on the clock. 

That didn’t really make me sound like less of a cheater did it.

 Other than the excitement of getting our matching cars, this week also brought a holiday for us locals around here. So of course a barbecue ensued. With burgers. And dogs. And this really really really good pasta that I contributed. 

I wanted to bring something a little different than the usual pasta salad drizzled in bottled italian dressing. Which has been a favorite barbecue dish in the past and I’m a big fan. But what I really wanted was a pasta with a little kick. 

Enter chipotle. 

This pasta salad was super flavorful and tasty. Everyone loved it and even the hubby was craving it the next day for lunch.  

Did I mention it was easy? You can even throw it together the night before. In fact, I recommend it. Because the flavors will have that much more time to mingle and get to know one another. And that’s a very good thing. 

Really wishing I still had some of this pasta now. 

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Paneer Moong Dal Chila Lentil Crepe with Cottage Cheese Stuffing

Breakfast is a very important meal for us and I am always on a lookout for breakfast recipes which makes a good lunch pack option for my kiddo as well. This Paneer Moong dal Chila has always been a family favorite and I love how it can be prepared with so much ease and the health benefits associated with it.
It also keeps good till the lunch time for kiddo and rolled and packed in an Aluminium foil, it is easy for him to munch on it without much fuss and dirty hands and cloths. Here is how I make my Paneer and Moong dal chila.

All you need is

For the batter

Dhuli Moong dal Split skinned green gram – 1 cup
Salt – 1 tsp
Ginger – 1 inch piece
Green chili – 1
Oil for frying

For the filling

Oil – 1 tbsp
Cumin Zeera seeds – 1 tsp
Onion – 14 cup ( chopped )
Green chili – 1
Salt to taste
Turmeric powder – 14 tsp
Paneer – 1 cup ( grated )
Fresh coriander – 1 tbsp ( chopped )

Method of preparation

For the filling

Heat oil in a pan.
When the oil is hot, add cumin seeds.
When the seeds starts to crackle, add onion and green chilies.
Fry till onion turns translucent.
Add salt and turmeric powder and fry for a few seconds.
Add paneer and coriander and mix well.
Remove the pan from heat.

For the Chila

Wash and soak the dal for 2-3 hours.
Drain the water.
Grind the dal with ginger, green chili  and little water to make a smooth paste.
Add salt and more water to make a dosa like batter. ( medium thick consistency )
Heat a non stick pan and pour a ladle full of batter in the center.
Spread the batter to make a thin round using the back of ladle.
Pour a tsp of oil on the sides and cook till golden brown.
Flip and cook the chila from other side.
Flip again.
Keep 2 tbsp of filling on one half of the chila.
Fold over.
Serve hot with green coriander chutney.

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Double Decker Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake

I’m not a cheesecake person.

I know, I know, some of your are gasping. I might even lose a few readers on this one. But I have to be honest, I’m just not a fan of cheesecake. 

Most people love cheesecake. I prefer non-cheese cake. Just the regular cake cake. I can go to town on a really moist, dense, and well-frosted cake. 

But I’ll pass on a cheesecake. 

Except for New York Cheesecake. You know, the regular white-ish traditional basic cheesecake with maybe a little drizzle of raspberry or strawberry over the top and a really perfectly delicious graham cracker type crust?

That cheesecake I can really dig into. But only one slice. 

I really don’t love pies either. Except for one kind. Apple pie. But even then I usually like to mix it up in a bowl, heat it up in the microwave and scoop vanilla ice cream on top, more like a crumble. So i’m not sure that it actually counts.

I just can’t get into the fillings of cheesecakes and pies. Cheesecake is too tangy for me, and the consistency of pies usually turn me off. 

The only part of a pie or cheesecake that I enjoy is the crust. Basically the non-cheesecake, non-pie part. So it still stands that I don’t like pie or cheesecake. 

Don’t hate me. We can’t all have the exact same taste. 

Even though I don’t like to eat cheesecakes and pies, I definitely have a deep appreciation for beautiful they can be. 

There is just something about a gorgeous cheesecake or pie that makes you want to taste just a little bit even if, like me, you are not a lover of these desserts. 

I’ve been in the mood to try one of these lately so I asked the Hubby, cheesecake or pie? He said cheesecake. 

So here it is. 

Of course, I did go for a double crust.

I told you, I like the crust part.

And this crust is easy-peasy. And delicious. 
I mean, it’s made with Keebler cookies. 

And this cheesecake is really really rich. 

I sort of think that all cheesecake is rich, but I’m pretty sure that this one is on the more-rich end of the cheesecake spectrum. 

Which, for cheesecake lovers I gather, is a very good thing. 

If you are really really pressed for time, you could leave out the chocolate swirl in the top layer. But I highly advise against it. 

It was everyone’s favorite part of this cheesecake. Well that and the double cookie crust. 

Those two elements really made this cheesecake. 

And by the way, it’s no bake. 


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Suva Masoor Dal Split Red Lentil Soup with Dill Leaves

Dal or lentils are an important part of any Indian meals and as most households, it’s made for at least one meal everyday in my home as well. Thankfully there are a variety of lentils to choose from and so it’s not boring to eat the same thing each day. I also keep on making variations in the preparation and this time, I added dill leaves to my split red lentils. Dill leaves are high in vitamins and anti oxidants and are also a good source of minerals like calcium, potassium and iron. Adding dill leaves in Dal is also a good way to sneak in the greens in your child’s diet, without him making much fuss about it. Here is the simple recipe to make Soya Masoor Dal.

All you need is

Dhuli masoor dal Split skinned red lentil – 1 cup
Salt – 2 tsp
Turmeric powder – 12 tsp
Dill Soya leaves – 12 cup ( chopped )
Ghee – 3 tbsp
Garlic – 4-5 cloves ( chopped )
Cumin Zeera seeds – 12 tsp
Fenugreek Methi seeds – 12 tsp
Asafoetida Heeng – 14 tsp
Dry red chilies-  3-4
Onion – 12 cup ( chopped )
Red chili powder – 12 tsp
lemon juice – 2 tbsp

Method of preparation

Wash the dal and put it in a pressure cooker.
Add 2 cups of water, salt and turmeric powder and cook till done.
Remove from heat and let the pressure release.
Open the pressure cook.
Add more water till the desired consistency of dal is reached.
Add soya leaves and cook the dal for 2-4 minutes.
Heat ghee in a pan.
When the ghee is hot, add garlic and fry till slightly browned.
Add methi, zeera, heeng and dry red chilies and fry till they splutter.
Add onion and fry till onion is golden brown.
Add this tempering to the cooked dal.
Add lemon juice in the dal.
Serve hot with rice or phulke.

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Coconut Lime {Greek Yogurt} Pound Cake

I almost burned the house down. 

Generally I don’t bake late at night. 

But when the Husband is out of town, my schedule gets a little… runny. My mornings blend into the afternoons, into the evenings, and into the dead of night. I never seem to get up at my usual time, eat at normal meal times, or get to bed at a decent hour. 

Well the Husband is out of town. So last night I made pound cake at eleven at night.

That probably wasn’t a fantastic idea. 

Doing homework, laundry, and reorganizing the pantry while making pound cake probably wasn’t brilliant. 

And pouring that extra bit of batter into the loaf pan even though it was already full was probably not my brightest moment either. 
And yet, that pretty sums up my night. 

It got really exciting when the smoke started billowing from the oven.

After using a now-melted spatula to scrape up the excess batter on floor of the oven, it took a minute for me to realize that the ever-increasing smoke was coming from the coil “chair”. Apparently that’s the name for the oddly shaped piece of metal that holds the oven coil above the floor of the oven. 

The batter was charred and stuck in the chair like it was staking out Walmart on Black Friday. 

Basically, it wasn’t budging. 

A fan, second ruined spatula, and a few singed hairs later, I finally was able to get the source of the smoke out of the oven and my pound cakes bake in to continue their baking. 

I was almost ready to throw in the towel at this point. But I didn’t want that to catch on fire too. 

Plus I’d been dreaming of this pound cake all day long. Really. I thought it up in the morning and spent the entire day rushing through all of my to-do list items so I could get to the creating of this imagined pound cake. 

Thank heaven people. Thank heaven I did not give up when the smoke threatened to destroy my pound cake. Because this pound cake? It’s insanely good. 

I knew it would be good because, well, there’s lime, and coconut, and it’s a pound cake. With a ton of glaze. So it has to be good. 

Plus it turned out so perfectly dense and moist from the greek yogurt. Ahhhhhh. So so so moist. 

And the coconut lime glaze was to die for. I almost wish I had sliced the cake first and then dipped each slice in the glaze for full-coverage. I couldn’t get enough. 

So please if you make this pound cake, which you must, do not skimp out on that glaze. Drizzle every last drop and thoroughly enjoy every single bite of coconutty, limey goodness. Let it take you to Hawaii. Or Tahiiti. Or basically anywhere that might make you feel like you’re in paradise. 

That’s what this cake is. A slice of paradise. 

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Dahi Wala Murgh Chicken in a Yogurt Based Gravy

This Chicken Dahi Wala recipe is very close to my heart as it’s my Dad’s to go recipe and I remember him making this dish week after week on our demand as we never got over this flavorful, spicy curry with a lovely texture. The recipe is quite easy to make as all you have to do is to brown the onions. All the other ingredients are basically dumped in the pan and cooked till they blend beautifully with each other. Serve it with rice or pair it with laccha paratha or naan, this recipe is surely a keeper. Here is the simple recipe to make this Dahi Wala Murgh.

All you need is

Chicken – 1 kg ( with bones )
Oil – 14 cup
Cloves – 3-4
Black peppercorns – 5-6
Black cardamom – 2
Cinnamon – 1 inch stick
Dry red chili – 2-3
Onion – 1 and 12 cups ( thinly sliced )
Ginger garlic paste – 2 tsp
Yogurt – 2 cups
Coriander powder – 2 tsp
Turmeric powder – 12 tsp
Kashmiri red chili powder – 2 tsp
Garam masala powder – 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Honey – 1 tsp
lemon juice – 1 tbsp
Fresh coriander for garnishing

Method of preparation

Heat oil in a pan.
When the oil is hot, add cloves, black peppercorn, black cardamom, cinnamon and dry red chilies.
Fry for 10 seconds.
Add onion and fry till slightly browned.
Add ginger garlic paste and fry till onions are nicely browned.
Add chicken and cook on high heat for 3-4 minutes.
Whisk yogurt and add coriander powder, turmeric powder, red chili powder, garam masala powder and salt to it.
Add the yogurt in the pan.
Cover and cook till chicken is done.
Add little water if required.
Add honey and lemon juice and mix.
Garnish with coriander leaves.
Serve hot with rice or laccha paratha.

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Chocolate Dipped Strawberry {Greek Yogurt} Ice Cream Sandwiches

Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!

August second is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. Who knew?

Well me, obviously.

But only as of two days ago. 

Earlier this week I posted this incredibly rich and sinfully decadent Double Decker Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake. Only after posting did I come to find out that it happened to be National Cheesecake Day. Crazy right??

So I thought I’d take a look at what other amazing food holidays were coming up. 

Thank goodness I did. Otherwise I might have missed National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. And that, would be tragic. 

I looooooooove ice cream sandwiches. I always have. I love ice cream. So it’s not a huge surprise. But a double cookie sandwiched chunk of ice cream? 

That’s just genius people. Genius. 

There is this incredible ice cream sandwich shop right on UCLA campus in California that I just can’t get out of my system. 

A whole shop. Devoted to ice cream sandwiches. 

What the??? 

It’s brilliant really. You pick out your cookies, pick out your ice cream, and they sandwich it all together right in front of you. 


I wish I lived closer to UCLA so I could adequately satisfy my ice cream sandwich cravings which plague me weekly. Yes, weekly. 

When I was a college freshman at Brigham Young University, I actually remember heading out at one o’clock in the morning in my slippers to find me an ice cream sandwich. 

Hence that freshmen fifteen. 

So worth it. 

My ice cream sandwich fondness has only increased since I’ve started making my own. 

Remember these Dreamcicle Ice Cream Sandwiches? Ah-freaking-mazing. And those Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough-nut Ice Cream Sandwiches were a stroke of brilliance if I do say so myself. 

Can you believe I almost didn’t dip these in chocolate? It wasn’t until I’d already started making them that I though of the chocolate-dipped strawberry thing. 

Oh my. 

That would have been a serious mistake. These are ten million and a half times better dipped in chocolate. 

I mean, if you are really pressed for time, you could eat them naked. ( The sandwiches please. Not you. But really that is up to your discretion. )  Really though, if you want the full experience in all its glory, and you do, then you need to just do the chocolate. It will make your day. Your week. Your year possibly. 

Ahhhhhh, I’m gonna go have another now. 

**I recommend allowing these ice cream sandwiches to “thaw” slightly before eating, maybe 5 minutes out of the freezer… that way the chocolate softens a bit and the whole thing is ten times better 🙂 

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