BIG Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are really BIG cookies. A cookie can never be too big right?  I mean, who gets finished with a  really yummy cookie and say gee, I’m glad there isn’t just a couple more bites left of this delicious thing…   Yeah, no one.

Technically speaking, you can make these cookies smaller. You can use a good old fashioned table spoon to scoop normal-cookie dollops onto your baking sheet and enjoy regular sized cookies.

You can…

But I wouldn’t advise it.

Because you see those morsels of chocolatey goodness? Those are BIG chocolate chips. Not the mini, or even regular sized chocolate chips, but the really BIG ones. And they contribute alot of deliciousness to these pumpkin cookies.

And did I mention they are milk chocolate chips?

No semi-sweetness happening with these bad boys….

Just pure, rich milk chocolate happiness.

And that is why I recommend making really BIG cookies.

Because balance is important in all things. And with really BIG chunks of chocolate like that popping up in ever bite, you really need alot of cookie to experience the pumpkin-chocolate combination in its fullness.

Mmmm…. Look at those… So puffy and just waiting to be eaten by pumpkin&chocolate lovers…

I also recommend a tall glass of vanilla almond milk.

Or whatever milk you prefer.

Just something cool and refreshing to wash down these really BIG, really wonderfully delicious Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.

A BIG thanks for hosting ladies!

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