Blueberry Muffin Overnight Oats

I have a thing about bowls. Or rather, I have a thing about cute bowls. I’m thinking about starting a collection of cute bowls. And I use them every single day, so it’s not as if they’d be wasting away in a box somewhere. I use bowls for everything from my peanut butter cheerio/fiber one combo, to my beloved greek yogurt parfaits (breakfast, snack, or dessert of course), to soups, to salads, to quinoa and rice dishes… I just love bowls. They are my favorite type of dish I’v decided. 

I know you’re thinking, um… if you love bowls so much why is your yogurt in a jar? 

I love mason jars too. They’re probably my second favorite dish. But this is a story about a bowl.
One of my favorite-ever bowls is hand painted, red on the outside with big multi-colored polka dots, and yellow on the inside. It’s my “happy bowl”. But I am sorry to admit that this bowl has been dying a slow and very sad death for the past few months. The rim of the bowl has been chipping away til now there are large chunks of the ceramic and paint missing. It’s tragic.

I only wash it by hand and try to be as delicate as possible but it seems that it’s destined to fall apart before my very eyes. And the Hubby has been trying to throw it away for the past couple of months since there’s a good chance I’ve been eating paint and bits of glass in the mornings. 

Of course, he doesn’t understand why I haven’t let him toss it til I find a replacement. But being the fantastic guy he is, he’s joined me on a very long and tiring search for a new “happy bowl”. 
The thing is that I have been so dang picky. It can’t be too wide, and it can’t be too shallow. It has to be glass. And decorated in such a way that it puts me in a good mood. Hence, the “happy bowl”. It’s just how I like to start out my day. Eating a healthy and delicious breakfast from a cute and cheerful bowl. And how I like to end my day. With something less-healthy but definitely equally delicious coming straight from that same mood-lifting bowl. 

So it’s been a bit of a challenge finding the right one. 
But yesterday, I found it. (Que the angles singing)

It was green and cute and adorable with white polka dots and a handle on the side, just the right depth and roundness…. I was so excited.  I joyfully handed my new treasure to the check-out lady and watched as she tenderly wrapped it in paper and put it in a bag. 

Then it hit me. Oh no……

I already have a green bowl. 
Ah!! The hubby bought me a green bowl a little while ago to try to coax me out of using the dying and dangerous one. I apologized profusely to the lady and asked if I could switch the bowl for a different one. She said yes but that we’d have to return the item and purchase the other one separately. I said okay and apologized profusely. 

How embarrassing.

A few minutes later I checked out with the red bowl instead. 
But as I was about to leave the store, I made the mistake of walking past the display of bowls again. 

Uh oh. That black and white one is really really cute. . . 

Yeah I did it. I know, I’m ridiculous. 

I got back in line with the black and white bowl. 

And I got the same cashier as before. Luckily, she just laughed about it with me and said I could check out as many times as I wanted to. I promised her that it would be the last time for sure.

At least for today.
So this morning I had my cereal in the red bowl, my yogurt in the black and white bowl and it made me so happy and put me in such a good mood that I made the really embarrassing decision that I am going to go back and buy the other two colors. Green and blue. 

You’d think I could just purchase a bowl and move on with my life right?? I can’t help it though. Like I said, I’ve got this thing for bowls. 

Oh P.S. You should make these overnight oats. And put them in a cute bowl. It will make you happy, I promise.
*You may notice in the pictures that I also added fiber one cereal with my flake cereal. This is completely a personal preference and you made do so if you like but it is not necessary at all. 
Do you have any weird quirks like an obsession with cute bowls? Or is it just me? 🙂

Thanks ladies for hosting today!

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