Coconut Lime {Greek Yogurt} Pound Cake

I almost burned the house down. 

Generally I don’t bake late at night. 

But when the Husband is out of town, my schedule gets a little… runny. My mornings blend into the afternoons, into the evenings, and into the dead of night. I never seem to get up at my usual time, eat at normal meal times, or get to bed at a decent hour. 

Well the Husband is out of town. So last night I made pound cake at eleven at night.

That probably wasn’t a fantastic idea. 

Doing homework, laundry, and reorganizing the pantry while making pound cake probably wasn’t brilliant. 

And pouring that extra bit of batter into the loaf pan even though it was already full was probably not my brightest moment either. 
And yet, that pretty sums up my night. 

It got really exciting when the smoke started billowing from the oven.

After using a now-melted spatula to scrape up the excess batter on floor of the oven, it took a minute for me to realize that the ever-increasing smoke was coming from the coil “chair”. Apparently that’s the name for the oddly shaped piece of metal that holds the oven coil above the floor of the oven. 

The batter was charred and stuck in the chair like it was staking out Walmart on Black Friday. 

Basically, it wasn’t budging. 

A fan, second ruined spatula, and a few singed hairs later, I finally was able to get the source of the smoke out of the oven and my pound cakes bake in to continue their baking. 

I was almost ready to throw in the towel at this point. But I didn’t want that to catch on fire too. 

Plus I’d been dreaming of this pound cake all day long. Really. I thought it up in the morning and spent the entire day rushing through all of my to-do list items so I could get to the creating of this imagined pound cake. 

Thank heaven people. Thank heaven I did not give up when the smoke threatened to destroy my pound cake. Because this pound cake? It’s insanely good. 

I knew it would be good because, well, there’s lime, and coconut, and it’s a pound cake. With a ton of glaze. So it has to be good. 

Plus it turned out so perfectly dense and moist from the greek yogurt. Ahhhhhh. So so so moist. 

And the coconut lime glaze was to die for. I almost wish I had sliced the cake first and then dipped each slice in the glaze for full-coverage. I couldn’t get enough. 

So please if you make this pound cake, which you must, do not skimp out on that glaze. Drizzle every last drop and thoroughly enjoy every single bite of coconutty, limey goodness. Let it take you to Hawaii. Or Tahiiti. Or basically anywhere that might make you feel like you’re in paradise. 

That’s what this cake is. A slice of paradise. 

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