Creamy Chipotle Pasta Salad

Is it weird if a guy and his wife have the same car?
The exact. same. car. 

Same make. Same model. Same color. 

You’re right it is weird. Annnnnd that’s exactly what my husband and I now have. The exact same car. As of today.
After a year of trying to sell my husband’s car so we could get something a little more “economical”, we finally found a buyer. Only problem? We needed a second car before Monday for the Hubby to take on his business trip. 

We looked around (for a minute) and found my car’s twin real close to home and for a steal of a deal. Well, it’s more like my car’s older but less-driven sister. Basically the same make and model, a couple years older, but only half the miles as mine has. 

We bought it. 

So yes, we officially have twinner cars. 

At least for a little while. We’re talking about possibly selling mine now and I’ll drive the new one. I’ve loved my car and would love to keep it but if I can have the same thing with less miles, I’m all about trading in. 

I sort of feel like I’m cheating on my car. 

It’s nothing personal! It’s just that I understand cars and the benefit that would come from swapping my high-mileage baby for a version with more time on the clock. 

That didn’t really make me sound like less of a cheater did it.

 Other than the excitement of getting our matching cars, this week also brought a holiday for us locals around here. So of course a barbecue ensued. With burgers. And dogs. And this really really really good pasta that I contributed. 

I wanted to bring something a little different than the usual pasta salad drizzled in bottled italian dressing. Which has been a favorite barbecue dish in the past and I’m a big fan. But what I really wanted was a pasta with a little kick. 

Enter chipotle. 

This pasta salad was super flavorful and tasty. Everyone loved it and even the hubby was craving it the next day for lunch.  

Did I mention it was easy? You can even throw it together the night before. In fact, I recommend it. Because the flavors will have that much more time to mingle and get to know one another. And that’s a very good thing. 

Really wishing I still had some of this pasta now. 

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