How To Grow Perfect Moong Beans Sprouts

Sprouts are very nutritious food rich in proteins, vitamins and dietary fibers. They are made by germinating the beans and a variety of beans can be used to make the sprouts, however moong bean  is the most common. Making sprouts at home is very simple. You just have to wash the beans twice a day and in 5-6 days, you have beautiful sprouts growing in your kitchen. I used a plastic tray to grow my sprouts. I did a few holes in the tray to let the excess water drain. You can use any tray with holes in it. Here is how to grow perfect moong bean sprouts.

All you need is

Moong beans – 12 cup
A plastic tray with holes in it.
Aluminium foil


Wash and soak the moong beans in enough water over night.
Drain the water.
Arrange the beans in the plastic tray in a single layer.
Fold the aluminium foil in 2-3 folds as the size of the tray.
Keep the tray over the folded foil.
Cover the tray with another piece of foil.
Keep in a warm place for 12 hours.
Take the tray in the sink and wash the beans.
Let the water drain through the holes of the tray.
Again cover the tray and keep for 12 hours.
Young sprouts will appear the next day.
Keep washing the beans sprouts after every 12 hours and repeat the process for 4-5 days.
In 4-5 days, you will have perfect sprouts grown from the beans.
Cut the ends of the sprouts and store them in a plastic bag with a few holes in refrigerator.
The sprouts are ready to be used.
You can refrigerate them for 2-3 days.

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