Indian Spiced Mango Chutney & First Feature!

I’ve been featured! Check out my first ever featured post Churro Caramel Corn! A HUGE huge thanks to these ladies for hosting the fabulous TIME TO SPARKLE Link Party!

Time to Sparkle Tuesday

Now! On to this delicious masterpiece I’ve got to share today. 

Do you see that divine substance residing in my humble clear bowl up there?

That, my friends, is heaven. 

Have you ever had mango chutney? If you haven’t, you are living at a lesser happiness than you really could be. Honest. Because a good mango chutney is simply wonderful. And this mango chutney…. well let’s just say it’s one of those dishes that makes you secretly really really proud of yourself. 

I wasn’t sure I could pull it off, it was my first attempt at any kind of chutney, ever. But baby oh baby. I should be a professional mango chutney maker. 

After I’m done being a professional ear spoon balancer. 

What is an ear spoon balancer you say? 

Well let me tell you…

I’ve always, always loved mangos and peaches. 

I also had the inability to say no to a dare. Which led to my doing some fairly ridiculous things growing up. 

One such time my friends dared me to eat a whole jar of Smuckers peach jam. 

Don’t look at me like that, you did some dumb things growing up too.

Let’s just say that the sugar rush after that jar was empty was more than ridiculous. (Not to mention a little less than healthy?) And I learned a few things about myself over the next couple of hours while that sugar pumped through my system. 

One such thing I learned was that I can hang a spoon on the back of my ear and make it balance. 

Yes, I made my parents so proud over the years.

So if I ever retire from sharing my special talent with the world (I don’t see that happening, who would ever get sick of seeing me balance a spoon on my ear? No one.) then I may just transition to professional chutney making. I’m pretty sure I’m obsessed and want to make chutney out of everything possible. 

(Stay tuned, I feel a whole collection of chutneys coming on…)

But this particular chutney was fantastic. I honestly felt that it tasted at least as good as any chutney I’ve had from an Indian restaurant. I served it with some naan (store bought but I really really want to make some myself in the near future…) and the hubby and I ate every bite (even though I thought it might serve four, not just the two of us).

Hot from the stove = Delicious.

Chilled in the fridge = Double delicious.


Might have to make some more very very soon.

Have a marvelous Monday!

 THANK YOU to all of this week’s link party hosts!

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