Tangy Bacon Feta Guacamole

I’m a dipper.

I really like dips.

And sauces.

A lot.

I’m one of those double-dip-every-bite-people.  I know some of you are cringing and turning up your nose at me. Don’t worry, most of the time I get a separate bowl of dip or sauce just for my own double-dipping purposes. 

Plus I need that much. A whole bowl. Because when I find a dip or sauce I really like, suddenly it’s like a whole new world opens up. An infinitely long list of possibilities and combinations starts swimming through my head. So I start putting the new find on e-ver-y-thing. 

I think it might be rubbing off on the husband. 
He used to make a disgusted face whenever I’d dip something unexpected and refuse to try it. Lately however, I’ve noticed him giving some interesting combinations a try. 

When I made this guacamole we also had barbecue chicken paninis. Without any persuading from me, he smeared some of this guac right on the sandwich. I was thinking, “Woah…”  but didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to interrupt his creative momentum. He went back for seconds, and thirds, and fourths. 

So either his taste buds are getting more adventurous, or this guac is really really good. 

Being that I tasted it myself and fell in love I’d probably vote for the latter. But this was still a great step for him and I’m proud. 

I don’t know about you but I prefer my guacamole really chunky. (That’s kind of an awful word and I usually avoid it, but I feel it fits here.)

I like it thick and studded with big bites of bright green, whole avocado. That, coupled with the lime, gives this guac a light, fresh, slightly tangy taste.

That alone would be delicious. But the bacon and feta? With all of their hearty, flavorful, rich goodness to offer?

They are a must. They take this guac to the next level. Which is of course what I’m always aspiring to do in the kitchen. Take everyday goodies to the next level. The one where each bite leaves you saying, oh just one more…

After observing the Hubby, I’d say it’s definitely at that level. 

This guacamole is really so so good. It’s flavorful and rich without being overpowering. It has just the right amount of creaminess to it and gets a little texture from the bits of bacon, feta, and chunky avocado. 

Oh did I mention that I am a huge fan of feta? Yeah it’s a staple in our house. Salad, sandwiches, wraps, burgers, dips, enchiladas….. and feta. It is extremely versatile if you did not know. Strong, yet it pairs well with anything because it doesn’t take over the dish. 

Don’t be scared of the feta. Or the bacon. Or the lime. Just do it. Do the whole thing. You’ll love it. 

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